Summer School for Master and PhD students and everyone interested in

Normal Families in Complex Analysis

May 22–29, 2015


Introductory Lectures by:

  • Jürgen Grahl (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany)


The summer school intends to introduce the participants to some fascinating facets of complex analysis. The focus is on modern aspects of the theory of normal families and its numerous ramifications, including

  • Bloch's principle
  • Connections to Nevanlinna Theory
  • Applications in Complex Dynamics
  • Extensions to higher dimensions.

The school is aimed at Master and PhD students as well as research workers in the field. The introductory lectures by Jürgen Grahl will focus on foundational material, and should be accessible to undergraduate and graduate students with a solid background in basic complex analysis. The two main courses by Aimo Hinkkanen and Walter Bergweiler will introduce the participants to the main current streams of research in the area of normal families and their applications.

The slides of the lectures of Aimo Hinkkanen can be downloaded here:


Local organizers

  • Oliver Roth, Stephan Ruscheweyh, Jürgen Grahl, Daniela Kraus

Here's a picture from the summer school, which is also available in high resolution: