Poster Presentations

The poster presentations will be held from Tuesday, Oct. 6th to Friday, Oct. 9th at 1:30 p.m. in the seminar rooms 101 and 102 of the Bibliotheks- und Seminarzentrum (see Schedule / Location for details).
The posters are expected to have the format DinA0, portrait.
SpeakerTitle of the Poster
Camilo Andres Angulo Santacruz Obstructions to the integration of LA-groupoids
Francesca Arici Noncommutative circle and line bundles, Pimsner algebras and Gysin sequences
Michael Bailey Generalized complex geometry as locally holomorphic Poisson geometry, and integrations
Gwendolyn E. Barnes Nonassociative geometry in quasi-Hopf representation categories
Tathagata Banerjee Noncommutative coarse geometry via unitalizations
Damien Bouloc Singular fibers of the bending of polygons in space
Andrew Bruce Graded bundles in the category of Lie groupoids
Natacha Cappelle The Loos and the Grassmann connections
Valentin Dendoncker How to intertwine two star-products on the $ax+b$ group
Axel d. Goursac Noncommutative Supergeometry
Niek d. Kleijn Algebraic index theorem for crossed products by discrete groups
Thiago Drummond A Van-Est theorem for VB-groupoids
Jérémy Haut Loos-parallel symplectic forms on Lie groups
Benedikt Hurle Deformation of fibered manifolds and generalisations of the HKR theorem
Sayan Chakraborty and Nikolay Ivankov Periodic Cyclic Homology for certain Groups Algebra
Alban Jago A trace formula for star products on polarized symplectic symmetric spaces
Michał Jóźwikowski Models for higher algebroids
Anna Kiesenhofer Action-angle coordinates for non-commutative $b$-integrable systems
Zoltan Kokenyesi Chiral expansion and Macdonald deformation of two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory
Stéphane Korvers Quantum moment maps and retracts for symmetric bounded domains
Pedro L. Ribeiro Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory around Arbitrary Classical Background Fields
Sylvain Lavau From Foliations to NQ-manifolds
Mykola Matviichuk On bosonic coordinates on symplectic leaves of Feigin-Odesskii Poisson structures
Simone Murro A new construction of algebraic states for CAR algebras
Inocencio O. Samudio Morita Equivalence of Formal Poisson Structures
Thorsten Reichert Classification of Equivariant Star Products on Symplectic Manifolds
Matthias Schötz A Weyl-Algebra on projective limits of Hilbert spaces
Zoran Skoda Hopf algebroid twists in deformation quantization
Romero B. Solha Charge quantisation without magnetic poles
Paul Stapor Convergence of the Gutt star product
Ruben Stienstra Quantum lattice gauge fields
Luca Tomassini The $C^*$-algebra of noncommutative Friedmann spacetimes: a groupoid approach
Alfonso G. Tortorella Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds of Jacobi manifolds
Joannes J. Venselaar Connections on Symmetric Morita equivalence bimodules
Joel Villatoro Weak Equivalences of Poisson Manifolds
Yannick Voglaire Invariant connections and PBW theorem for Lie groupoid pairs
Stefan Wiedenmann Covariant Representations of infinite dimensional Lie groups