• Bloch's heuristic principle
  • Exceptional values of derivatives
  • Ahlfors' Five Island Theorem and connections to Nevanlinna theory
  • Uniformly normal families
  • Applications of normal families in complex iteration
  • Quasi-conformal and quasi-regular mappings
  • Extensions to higher dimensions


  • The participants' arrival is recommended on Thursday, May 21th.
  • On Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 23rd there will be some introductory lectures (given by Jürgen Grahl) providing basic results on normal families (like the theorems of Arzela-Ascoli, Marty, Montel, Picard and the Zalcman-Pang rescaling lemma).
  • The lectures of Prof. Bergweiler and Prof. Hinkkanen, covering the topics listed above, will start on Monday, May 25th. The last lecture will be given on Friday morning (May 29th).
  • Subsequent to the summer school there will be the conference Modern Trends in Complex Analysis at our department, on Friday and Saturday (May 29th and 30th). Participants of the summer school are invited to attend this conference.
  • For those not attending the conference, the departure is recommended on Friday, May 29th, in the afternoon. Participants of the conference are recommended to stay until Saturday, 30th in the afternoon.

The preliminary schedule can be downloaded here.


Lectures will take place in the Bibliotheks- und Seminarzentrum, Room S0.108 (Helmut-Pabel-Hörsaal) which is about 200 m away from the Department of Mathematics.

The postal address of the Department is:

Emil-Fischer-Str. 40 (formerly known as Jackson Avenue)
97074 Würzburg

Information on how to reach the Department can be found in our information package or here.

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