Winter School

Calculus of Variations
in Physics and Materials Science

February 14–19, 2016


The official winter school poster 2016 can be found here

Speakers and Topics:

  • Sergio Conti (University of Bonn)
    Variational Modeling of Crystal Plasticity and Dislocations
  • Irene Fonseca (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
    Epitaxy, Quantum Dots and Dislocations: Dynamics of Material Defects
  • Claude Le Bris (École des Ponts and INRIA, France)
    Nonperiodic Problems in Multiscale Materials Science:
    Toward a Theory of Defects and Efficient Stochastic Approaches

Poster Session

During the school we will have not only lecture series but also poster sessions. This way, we hope to stimulate discussions between the lecturers and the participants giving them the opportunity to present their own research on a large forum. We kindly ask to give us the title of your poster in the application form.


Local organizers

Anja Schlömerkemper, Barbora Benešová