• Sanda Bujačić (University of Rijeka, Croatia):
    Linear Forms in Logarithms Abstract
  • Simon Kristensen (University of Aarhus, Denmark):
    Metric Diophantine Approximation — From Continued Fractions to Fractals Abstract
  • Tapani Matala-aho (University of Oulu, Finland):
    A Geometric Face of Diophantine Abstract
  • Nicola Oswald (University of Würzburg, Germany):
    Historical Face of Number Theory(ists) at the turn of the 19th Century Abstract


The participants' arrival is recommended on Monday, July 21th. The first lecture will be given on Tuesday morning, the last Friday afternoon. The departure is recommended on Saturday, July 26th, in the morning.



Lectures will take place in "Seminarraum SE40" in the ground floor of "Mathematik Ost" (Emil-Fischer-Str. 40, 97074 Würzburg) at the Department of Mathematics. The postal address of the Department is

Emil-Fischer-Str. 40 (formerly known as Jackson Avenue)
97074 Würzburg

Information on how to reach the Department can be found here.

Information Package

Participants will receive an information package including information about registration, maps and time tables via e-mail.

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