Christian Klingenberg

research interests:

     •  mathematical fluid mechanics

       •   compressible gas dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics

       •   kinetic modeling, kinetic modeling of gas mixtures and of plasma, numerics for this

       •   theory of hyperbolic conservation laws: well-posedness in one and multiple space dimensions, relaxation limits, discontinuous flux conservation laws

       •   modeling macroscopic fluid flow equations via microscopic interacting particle systems

       •   numerics for hyperbolic conservation laws: finite volume schemes in one and multiple space dimensions, approximate Riemann solvers, discontinuous Galerkin methods, moving mesh methods

        •  low Mach limits for the Euler equations and equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics, also with gravity, both theoretical and numerical

        •  well-balanced schemes applied to the Euler equations and equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics, both with gravity

        •  numerical methods that preserve stationary solutions for for kinetic and fluid equations

       •  uncertainty quantification, theoretical coercivity estimates, numerical simulations for kinetic and fluid equations

        •  astrophysical applications: accretion discs, protostellar jets, turbulence modeling, large eddy simulations, star formation, stellar evolution, galaxy evolution

   •    see also here

Our logo, showing the interplay between astrophysics (Cassiopeia) and fluid mechanics.

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former workshops, conferences etc.:

      -  Oberwolfach workshop "Structure preserving numerical methods for hyperbolic equations", April 11 - 15, 2022 see here

      -  Oberwolfach workshop "Modelling phenomena from nature by hyperbolci conservation laws", April 11, 17, 2021 see here

     -      Fall school Oct. 1 - 5, 2018 in Würzburg: Hyperbolic conservation laws and mathematics of fluid mechanics, with lectures by   Constantine Dafermos, Eduard Feireisl, Sara Daneri and Simon Markfelder

     -      16th International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, organized by M. Westdickenberg and myself Aug. 1 - 5, 2016.

-  Workshop in Würzburg, June 30 - July 3, 2015,Evolutionary Equations, theory & numerics”, see here

Dept. of Mathematics

Würzburg University

Emil Fischer Str. 40

97074 Würzburg


I am in room 03.011 (top floor)

phone: (0049) (0)931 318 5045

email:    klingen "at"

upcoming visitors:

- Stefan Großkinsky (Univ. of Augsburg), Apr. 20, 2023

- Emil Wiedemann (Univ. Erlangen), July 11, 2023

Seminar Series on

Hyperbolic equations: Structure preserving numerical methods and other topics, see here