Christian Klingenberg

Dept. of Mathematics

Würzburg University

Emil Fischer Str. 40

97074 Würzburg


  1.    mathematical fluid mechanics

  2.    compressible gas dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics

  3.    kinetic modeling, kinetic modeling of gas mixtures and of plasma, numerics for this

  4.    theory of hyperbolic conservation laws: well-posedness in one and multiple space dimensions, relaxation limits, discontinuous flux conservation laws

  5.    modeling macroscopic fluid flow equations via microscopic interacting particle systems

  6.    numerics for hyperbolic conservation laws: finite volume schemes in one and multiple space dimensions, approximate Riemann solvers, discontinuous Galerkin methods, moving mesh methods

  7.    low Mach limits for the Euler equations and equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics, also with gravity, both theoretical and numerical

  8.    well-balanced schemes applied to the Euler equations and equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics, both with gravity

  9.    numerical methods that preserve stationary solutions for for kinetic and fluid equations

  10.   uncertainty quantification, theoretical coercivity estimates, numerical simulations for kinetic and fluid equations

  11.    astrophysical applications: accretion discs, protostellar jets, turbulence modeling, large eddy simulations, star formation, stellar evolution, galaxy evolution

research interests:

I am in room 03.011

phone: (0049) (0)931 318 5045

email:    klingen @


upcoming visitors:

  1. - Nils Henrik Risebro (Oslo) visits Nov. 17 - 22

  2. - Marlies Pirner visits December 16 - 21

  3. - Elena Gaburro (Trento, Italy) visits January 6 - 25. 2020

  4. - Claude Bardos will visit 26. - 31 January 2020

  5. - Yunguang Lu will visit 19. April - 18. Juli 2020

former workshops, conferences etc.:

  1. - Fall school Oct. 1 - 5 in Würzburg: Hyperbolic conservation laws and mathematics of fluid mechanics, with lectures by   Constantine Dafermos, Eduard Feireisl, Sara Daneri and Simon Markfelder

  2. - 16th International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, organized by M. Westdickenberg and myself Aug. 1 - 5, 2016.

- Evolutionary Equations, theory & numerics” Workshop in Würzburg, June 30 - July 3, 2015, see here

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