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TeX and LaTeX packages by M. Väth

This page contains some of my TeX and LaTeX packages.

Last changes: April 19, 2016
  • (v5.1) (last update: November 26, 2013). TeX programmer's toolbox. A package for (La)TeX which provides some macros which are convenient for writing indices, glossaries, or other macros. It contains macros which support
    • implicit macros - a useful supplement to \index or varindex for writing glossaries or indices (new in release 3.1)
    • fancy optional arguments (new in release 2.0)
    • loops over tokenlists and itemlists (extended in release 2.0)
    • searching, splitting, and replacing (extended in release 2.0 and 5.1)
    • controlled expansion (extended in release 2.1 and 4.1)
    • redefinition of macros
    • concatenated macro names
    The major change in the newer releases is the support of text replacement. Moreover, implicit macros are now supported which are convenient for writing indices and glossaries (which can be used in addition to my varindex package - see the new documentation of varindex).
    > The documentation has been dramatically enhanced: Many examples are given and typical applications are mentioned. Some bugs have been fixed, and the treatment of # in macro arguments has been changed.
  • (v2.3) (last update: November 26, 2013). A LaTeX package which provides a convenient front-end for the \index command. For example, it allows to generate multiple index entries in almost any form by a single command. Extremely customizable. Works with all versions of LaTeX and probably most other TeX formats, too. The toolbox package described above is required.
    Since release 2.1, placeholder replacement now works also in the expected way with commas. Moreover, new variables to control the output and hooks to hack new features into the format string are provided. In release 2.2, the varindextwo macros are further improved (with new flags and customization). In release 2.3, some bugs with the old plain TeX and LaTeX 2.09 have been eliminated, and a hook for the \index output function has been introduced.
  • (v2.2) (last update: November 26, 2013). With this (La)TeX package you may write shorter (or longer) underlines/underbars. This is particularly useful for underlined variables which are needed by some engineers. The new release is much faster (up to the factor 4) and provides new commands for the case that the variables consist of more than one character.
  • (v2.1) (last update: November 26, 2013). A (La)TeX package which allows to output numbers like e.g. 1 000,-- with the correct German spacing simply by typing 1.000,-- in math mode. You may still use the symbols . , - in other context (even in math mode).
  • (v2.1) (last update: November 26, 2013). With this LaTeX package you can write lists with equal indentation. This package requires the eqparbox package (which you have to get from somewhere else). The new release also provides mechanisms to treat lists with exceptionally long labels.
  • (v1.6) (last update: November 26, 2013). (La)TeX macros for typesetting guitar chords over song texts. The toolbox package is required. Note that this package only places arbitrary TeX code over the lyrics. To typeset the chords graphically (and not only by name), I recommend to use an additional package like e.g. gchords.sty by K. Peeters, available from ->here. Further references to packages which allow to typeset songs or guitar chords can be found in the documentation of the package.
  • (v4.26) (last update: April 19, 2016). My personal LaTeX macros which I include in all of my texts (if possible). Nothing ingenious, but maybe some macros are useful for you, too... Requires LaTeX2e and AMSLaTeX; many other fonts (like most postscript-fonts, bbm or wasysym) and packages (like ntheorem or answers) are included by options and supported.