AG Funktionentheorie - Research in Groups Complex Analysis

(M=GFTH-1, summer term 2016)

Instructor: Oliver Roth

Class Hours: We meet on Monday, April 11, 4:15 pm, SE 40, to fix the class hours.
If it is not possible for you to attend this first meeting, send a message to

Topic: Semigroups and Loewner Evolution

The Loewner differential equation was introduced by Charles Loewner in 1923 in order to study coefficient problems for univalent functions in the unit disk. It has played an important role in the solution of the Bieberbach conjecture by Louis de Branges in 1985. Since the 1990s the Loewner equation has become an indispensable tool in mathematical physics and has revolutionized our understanding of parametrizations of planar fractal-type curves. Wendelin Werner (2006) and Stanislaw Smirnov (2010) received fields medals for their work on the stochastic version of the Loewner equation related to mathematical physics.

This Research in Groups course gives an introduction to the modern aspects of semigroups of holomorphic functions and the Loewner equation, and presents some recent applications.

This course is at research level! A good working knowledge of Complex Analysis is required.

Lectures and Talks:
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Literature: The lectures and the seminar talks will be based on:

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